Live abroad,
travel everywhere

Live abroad,
travel everywhere

This is not the laptop lifestyle you see on Instagram and Pinterest. Life as a digital nomad is real work, real fun, and really nerdy.

– Cori

My obsessions

You don’t need luck, a sham marriage, or a career your parents brag about in order to live abroad.

Forget the tourist traps. I skip the guidebooks in favor of urbex, talking to locals, and dumpster diving.

It’s the history of a place that makes it unique. I dig into the stories behind the cities I love.

Learn how to travel the world while making sure you’re ready for anything.

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How to find a sublet in New York City

In an era before AirBnB I was a habitual subletter. I managed to live in New York for seven years without ever signing a lease, hopping from one sublet to another and crashing with friends (or my parents) in-between. Finding a sublet in New York is more difficult than...

9 reasons to love home swapping

I spent five months traveling in 2017 and am set for at least another five months on the road in 2018. How do I manage without a trust fund? A mix of pet sitting, home exchanges, and couchsurfing. It's more than just making travel affordable, though. Traveling with...

Managing birth control while traveling

When people talk about getting ready for a trip, they rarely talk about birth control. If you plan on having the kinds of sex that can result in pregnancy and want to use some sort of contraceptive besides condoms, it can take some planning ahead of time. IUD The...

Looking back at 2017, looking forward to 2018

Every year seems to come with big changes and 2017 was no exception. Casey and I started the year by renovating the kitchen in our condo. As soon as we finished, we found pet sitters for our two cats and left for Europe. We didn't exactly retrace the route of my trip...

Pathways to Canadian Citizenship

Will moving to Canada enable you to become a Canadian citizen one day? This flowchart provides a clear and simple overview of how different programs that allow you to move to Canada can eventually lead to citizenship....

Understanding the Express Entry process

Many people find themselves confused by the Express Entry process. This flowchart provides a quick overview so you can make sense of how it works. If you're living in Canada currently and applying through the Canadian Experience Class, you can apply for a bridging...

The best places to stay in NYC

Choosing a neighborhood to stay in for your time in New York is intimidating. New York City is huge...and expensive. If you find a great deal on a room in Midtown, by all means, book it! But be warned that if it's cheap it's probably microscopic, time-worn, and facing...

About Cori

Cori is a communications consultant for mission driven organizations and director of The Caregiver Space. She’s also a lifelong history nerd who spent much of her childhood in archives and museums with her dad.

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