Most of this year was taken up with immigrating to Canada and then writing a book about the process. With both of us working full time, it’s been a busy year!

It doesn’t feel like we’ve traveled much this year, but we still made it to 28 cities in 6 countries. Unless you’re willing to count airport layovers in China and London. July was the only month we managed to stay in Ontario.

We’ll be doing better next year, though. Our early 2017 plans include time in:

  • London
  • Brussels
  • Rotterdam
  • Sophia
  • Cologne
  • Zagreb
  • Berlin

We’re also excited to explore Canada with a road trip to the east coast in the spring. We’ll be spending time in Halifax and stopping in Montreal. We’ll see where else we end up exploring in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Maine.

We’re past due for a visit to London, ON and Kingston, ON. I’m sure those will both happen in 2017.

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We started the year by flying to Pearson Airport and declaring landing as permanent residents in Canada. That was followed by flying our cats to Toronto.

We spent a week in Ocean Grove, NJ. Summer resorts in the winter are the best.

As soon as we were back in Toronto, I flew to Vancouver for a multi-day client meeting.


Casey returned to Brooklyn for a few days to finish packing. She coordinated the process of moving our things across the border.

In February I spent some time in Thailand with my family. We reunited with a former exchange student and her family in Bangkok for a few days before visiting Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, Chiang Rai, and Chiang Mai.


I flew from Bangkok to New York and Casey met me there for a few days in the Upper East Side.

Once we were back in Toronto, we focused on getting settled in Toronto and getting to know the history of our neighborhood, the Garden District.


We spent a long weekend in Niagara Falls and explored both sides of the border. We ended up back there the next weekend for our NEXUS interview.

I had a conference to attend in San Antonio, so we turned it into a Texas road trip and drove out to Houston.


On our way through Texas we stumbled upon WInkelmann, a fake and abandoned ghost town. It was my first time in Austin, so Casey got to show me around.

Later in May we took the train to Montreal to meet up with friends.

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We flew to Zagreb to meet up with Tomislav and start our mini-Balkans road trip. We drove out to Plitvica Jezera NP before turning north to see Senj, Pula, Divigrad, Trieste, Ljubljana, and Samobor.

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We spent most of July getting to know Toronto, but we took a day trip to Oshawa, ON.


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We spent an afternoon in Clarington, ON to see Camp 30. It was a bust.

I explored the areas near Toronto, visiting Hamilton, ON, Buffalo, NY, and Ottawa, ON.


We found ourselves back in New York, along with trips to Baltimore and Asbury Park, NJ.

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Casey and I flew to New York and made a detour to Red Bank, NJ.

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I started the month with a conference in Chicago. Casey met me afterward for a snowy weekend and got to catch up with some old friends in the Windy City.

We also took a day trip to Hamilton, ON to enjoy some unseasonably warm weather and catch up with my CouchSurfing hosts from the summer.

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Couchsurfers we hosted

Our couch was pretty full of friends visiting. Toronto is such a quick flight from New York City, it’s been easy to talk people into visiting. We still managed to find time for a few CouchSurfers this year.

  • Steffi, Germany
  • Cameron, USA
  • Cloe, France
  • Iva, Croatia
  • Arya, USA
  • Minka, Finland
  • Erica, USA

Couchsurfers who hosted us

Thanks again to the amazing CouchSurfers who hosted me in 2016!

  • Kathryn & John, Hamilton, ON
  • Sharon, Buffalo, NY
  • Charlie, Ottawa, ON
  • Victor & Felicia, Chicago, IL
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