Buying a home empowers you to take control of your life, increases your self-worth, and best of all, gives you options to diversify your financial life. While it might feel overwhelming or out of reach, these women show that against certain odds or challenges, home ownership has so much to offer. Here are five incredible success stories to inspire you

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This is post has a strangely judgmental interpretation of my emailed response.

My life wasn’t “less stable,” I was looking to buy after the mortgage crisis and have spent most of my career as a freelancer. I said I was making around $40k a year, not that I had a “salary.”

I didn’t debate keeping some of the cash from my first sale. That’s entirely made up. This makes it sound like I was going to go shoe shopping or something. I said that I could have used the money from my first sale as a downpayment for a luxury home and instead I bought a modest home in cash.