New York has its share of bad weather. Rain, snow, or heat, here’s how to keep yourself entertained.

If you’re in denial about the weather

The Butterfly Conservatory

Sure, it’s disgusting outside, but if it’s between September and May, you can still find yourself in a garden surrounded by butterflies.

The Ford Foundation Atrium

It’s a lush garden in an office building.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The grounds may be soggy or scorched, but the greenhouses are still lovely.

The NYC Transit Museum

Ignore the outdoors and go back in time on one of the vintage subway cars.

snow storm in brooklyn

If you’re looking for culture


It’s cliche for a reason. The MET is giant and has a cafe, so you can stay in the building from open to close. Or longer, if you want to re-enact the adventures of Claudia Kincaid.

The Brooklyn Museum

Yes, it’s smaller than the MET. In fact, it’s only a quarter of its originally intended size. But it’s still huge and awesome and can easily fill a whole day. Plus, it’s not as stuffy as the MET.

Paley Center

The Paley Center for Media is a treasure trove of television shows, radio shows, and commercials.

Go to the movies

Obviously, but not just some chain theatre. Go to the Angelika, Landmark Sunshine Cinema, or BAM.

Find a good book

Barnes and Noble might be closer to the subway, but it’s worth a dash through bad weather to get to The Strand, Taschen, Kinokuniya, and Rizzoli. RIP Van Alan.

coney island boardwalk rides on a rainy day

If you can’t sit still

Royal Palms

Play some shuffleboard, drink some beer, hit the food trucks, and pretend you’re on a cruise.

Chelsea Piers

Golf, rock climbing, ice skating, bowling — there are lots of things that don’t require a membership. I didn’t even know indoor sand volleyball was a thing.

Fat Cat

Board games, ping pong, and jazz seem like a weird combination to me, but everyone’s obsessed with it. I guess beer brings it all together.

If you want to live it up

Video games, but social

Get your drink on at Barcade and play all the arcade games you want.

Go shopping

Yes, there are lots of flagship department stores in New York, but there’s only one Bergdorf Goodman.

Live in Chelsea

Chelsea Market is the closest thing New York has to those self contained Sim City towers. It doesn’t hurt that it’s practically owned by Google and attached to the High Line.

Go to tea

The Ritz Carlton has a good afternoon tea, as do plenty of other places in Manhattan.

the pedestrian walkway on the brooklyn bridge is empty when its raining out

If you’re looking for New York

Loiter in a diner

Find the cheapest diner, grab a booth, and enjoy the show as it unfolds around you.

Times Square

Sure, no New Yorker would be caught dead in Times Square, but there’s something magical about the deserted, slightly post-apocalyptic experience of Times Square in the rain.

Ride the subway

The subway in bad weather is somehow quintessentially New York. It floods, it’s got extreme temperatures, and everyone’s ornery. Take the N to the end of the line, get drinks at Coney Island, then take the B back to Manhattan. Take the 7 out to Flushing. Watch the sunset from the M on your way over the Williamsburg Bridge.

Get to known Penn Station

Everyone else is enjoying the grandeur of Grand Central, but it’s Penn Station that’s really worth exploring. Pretend you’re on Survivor and see how many hours you can wander around Penn Station before you snap.

Ignore the weather

Just embrace that it’s gross outside. Don’t let it stop you. You do you.

Netflix and chill

If you want to be totally authentic, hole up in your hotel room, order takeout, and see what’s next in your Netflix queue.


make the most of nyc regardless of the weather