The tax-funded BBC is the UK’s Media Class equivalent of America’s Hollywood, Washington Post and CNN combined. It is the home of privileged practitioners of every perversion, and the HQ of those Far Leftists who select what is the Nation’s ‘news’. Predictably it has been feeding Britons with anti-Trump propaganda ever since the Primaries.

Normally we would warn members of the Broad Right to ignore its propaganda, but for once a BBC article should be circulated as widely as possible. It is publicizing an escape route to Canada for all those Americans who fear oppression from the Trump regime and are living in fear. We can assume that this includes marginalized communities, those who might be traumatized by micro-aggressions and macro-aggressions, vulnerable to gay slurs, threatened by insufficient diversity, fearing gender injustice, at risk in a community without trigger warnings and which is not gender-expansive.

According to the BBC, Cori Carl and her wife Casey Daly have written a book based on their own experience of such fears entitled Moving to Canada. It is a guide to escaping Trump’s America and we should ensure that its content and message should get into the hands of as many snowflakes and mermaids as possible. Let us encourage a modern day exodus of Biblical proportions and help these sturdy people to reach the Promised Land of safe spaces that lies north of the border. Canada’s gain will be our loss, but we should make the sacrifice as long as the move is limited by a one-way ticket.

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