Toronto has a lot of things going for it as a place to live, but one of the things that is a source of constant heartache is just how not dog friendly it is!

Sure, there are plenty of restaurants where you can clip your pup to the patio railing and they can look at you with puppy eyes as you enjoy your meal. That’s better than leaving your dog at home, but aren’t there places where the dog can actually join you?

There are. But they’re few and far between.

You might think any bar without a kitchen would be full of dogs, but that’s sadly not the case. There are plenty of bars and breweries that don’t allow dogs even if they don’t serve food.

Here are the bars and restaurants in Toronto I’ve found that actually welcome (and don’t just tolerate) dogs:

View the list of Toronto’s dog friendly bars in Google Maps.

Downtown Toronto

Belgian Moon Taproom at Stakt Market

Stakt looks and feels like the child of a branding agency. It checks off all of the hipster boxes — a bunch of artisanal boutiques in shipping containers. As much as it’s a little soulless, it speaks to me. You know what millennials want, beyond donuts and trendy eyewear? Drinking with dogs.

Belgian Moon won’t let your pup come indoors, but they’re free to join you in the beer garden with no restrictions. While Belgian Moon doesn’t sell food, there’s food to be had in the market.

In addition to the Belgian Moon beer garden, there are occasional popups. I’ve lucked out with a gin bar and a few other excellent boozing with dog options.

Hunters Landing

Hunters Landing is just in from the waterfront, behind Canoe Landing Park. Dogs aren’t allowed everywhere at Hunters Landing, but they do have one patio that’s dog friendly.

If you and your dog just flew in to Billy Bishop, this is the spot to grab a drink to celebrate your arrival in the city.

Steam Whistle

Flying Porter so often has imbued a love of Steam Whistle in me, but am I ready to brave their chaotic tap room full of tourists? No, I am not. But if you are, bring your dog.

Eastside Toronto

Black Lab Brewing

It goes without saying, eh?

Left Field Brewery

Are dogs allowed indoors at breweries in Toronto? Who knows. But Left Field always has some doggos and keeps treats behind the bar if your buddy is well behaved.

Saulter Street Brewery

This small spot is tucked just off of Queen Street.

Brunswick Bierworks

Are you one of those people with a car? Do you live in Scarborough but none of your friends will meet you there? This is your spot.

Westside Toronto

Done Right Inn

It’s not even a brewery! When you’re not brave enough for drinking in Trinity Bellwoods, this is your best option.

Henderson Brewing

They used to have dog nights (RIP).

Junction Craft / Rainhard / Shacklands Brewing

If you want to go on a really easy bar crawl with your dog, this is the place to do it. These three breweries are all within spitting distance of each other and all welcome dogs.

Halo Brewery

If you like sours, this is the (dog friendly) brewery for you.

People’s Pint

Tucked away just off of St. Clair.

Great Lakes Brewery

Take your pup for a stroll through Humber Bay and rest your tired paws at Great Lakes.

North Toronto


Their Ossignton location is a no-go, but if you’re in North York you can drink with dogs.

Amsterdam Brewing

Don’t try to bring your pup to their waterfront location, but they’re welcome in their brewery near Eglinton.

View the list of Toronto’s dog friendly bars in Google Maps.

group of friends drinking at a bar with their dog