We’ve done a lot of walking through areas we’ve been warned against exploring. Here are our top picks for where to find the bodies the next time someone notices a couple dozen teenage boys have gone missing.

Shack under the Hells Gate Bridge

The best way to get lost on your way to a concert and end up getting dismembered and disposed of on a boat full of sludge.

The Chemical Lane murder camper

The best place to be kidnapped and then kept underground or in the giant abandoned LNG tanks before your body is dumped in the Kill van Kull. Your murderer will likely be perfecting his or her golf swing in the off-hours.

Murder Alley at the Queensway

Image by Google Maps

Image by Google Maps

The best place for urban exploring to go horribly wrong or for little league players to go missing. They’re going to feed your body to the junkyard dogs.

Boarded up occupied house

Image from Google Maps Image from Google Maps

The best place to be held prisoner for a decade in a school zone. When they find bodies in the back yard, none of the neighbors are going to say they never suspected it.

Cropsey Ave murder house

The best place to think you’re going to a Halloween haunted house and never be seen alive again.

Brookdale murder house

Image from Google Maps

Image from Google Maps

The best place to be murdered as soon as you’ve been released from the hospital. Also the best place to be kidnapped and end up having your organs harvested. This is a reason to fill out those emergency contact forms.

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