Whether or not it was intended, the red MAGA baseball cap beloved of Donald Trump’s supporters has become a symbol of a certain right-wing ideology since it first appeared in 2016.

Now Canadian clothing brand Peace Collective has found a way to subvert that and turn it into a symbol of acceptance and diversity. In a new campaign via Zulu Alpha Kilo called #UnravelHate, immigrants to Canada literally unravel the thread on the hats and use it to create a new piece of apparel: a red winter hat emblazoned with “Welcome to Canada.”

The idea features in an awareness campaign running across Peace Collective’s social channels that includes a video, seen here, in which five different Canadians reveal their stories about immigration and why they are proud to call Canada home. They include Aorwa, a Syrian refugee who fled the Syrian Civil War; Cori, an LGBTQ American who now resides in Canada and Victor, an immigrant from Uganda.

You can buy Peace Collective’s hats for $28.99 via the campaign website, while the original version created from MAGA threads is being auctioned via eBay. Profits from the sale are being donated to WoodGreen Community Services, a United Way partner charity that helps refugees and immigrants settle into their new lives in Canada.

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