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Jerry Gretzinger

He’s been making a map of an imaginary city for over 50 years

Tim Urban

He’s going to uncomfortable places and doing uncomfortable things for reasons he’s not totally sure of.

Diane Rabreau

Can’t figure out what’s going on in Google Maps? Diane will find you an answer by going there.

Cindy Brewer

What is cooler than making maps? Nothing.

Marie Lorenz

I walk everywhere, she boats everywhere.

Julia Wertz

She didn’t take me up on my offer of getting drinks the first time I asked, but I still have hope.

Paul Goldberg

​He was my professor one semester at the New School. I may or may not have ever spoken to him, but when I read his work I can hear his voice in my head.​

Craig S Wilder

​I am a harsh critic of any NYC documentary that doesn’t interview Craig.​

Heather Havrilesky

She doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of this list, but she’s probably the first author I started following, back when I was a tender freshman reading Suck.com in the computer lab.