The internet is awash in advice on finding cheapest flights.

Is it about when you book? Clearing your cache? Using a VPN?

Don’t forget about all the sites you should check for the best deal. And tracking prices. And the flights that transfer in your destination that might be cheaper.

You could switch credit cards to rack up points and buy a flight with that.

You could find the cheapest flight to the nearest major flight hub and then find a regional flight to get you to the right spot. Or sign up for one of those blind flight deals that has you transfer six times.

Oh, and of course there’s simply being flexible with your dates and your destination.

I have the one-step guide to saving money on flights that beats them all and saves you the most money.

Step one: Don’t fly.

It’s that simple.

Take the land route, I promise it’ll be more interesting. Buses are cheap, even when the trains aren’t.

Can’t fly to where you want to go? Get more curious about the world around you, I promise there’s something interesting waiting to be discovered.

Spend your time talking to people instead of trying to game the algorithm.