by Sam Corbin

Last week, a Huffington Post contributor by the name of Cori Carl penned an article telling New Yorkers to abdicate the city that never sleeps for a city that actually sleeps just fine: Toronto.

To Carl’s surprise, I imagine, the post drew guffaws not from New Yorkers but from Torontonians themselves — so much so, in fact, that Carl published a followup essay called “Torontonians don’t know how good they have it.

We’re all tired of blissed out expat essays about why such and such city is infinitely more “zen” than NYC, but in this case, it’s personal. As Brokelyn’s chief Canadian correspondent, having lived in both Toronto and New York City — the former for 18 years of my life and the latter for 7 — I’ve got at least a decade’s worth of memories and experiences to refute any viable arguments about moving from this city to the 6ix. (Did you know Drake makes us call the city that now? Did you know our patriotic t-shirts mix numbers and letters together like some kind of Captcha password for citizenship bots?)

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