US Customs and Border protection is getting hip with #mobilepasport, their Mobile Passport app.

If you don’t travel enough for a trusted traveler program to be worth it (it’s always worth it, but to each his own) and you live in one of these cities, Mobile Passport will save you lots of hassle.

It’s free and super simple to set up.

  1. Download the app (for iOS and Android)
  2. Set up your profile (including for family members you’ll travel with)
  3. Answer questions about your trip
  4. Submit your data at the port of entry
  5. Follow the Mobile Passport signs to a shorter line and they’ll scan your QR code

You’ll need to be connected to wifi or mobile data in order to submit your info at the port of entry.

The Mobile Passport app is available for US citizens and Canadian citizens with a B1 or B2 visa. Obviously, you’ll need a valid passport and still need to have it with you when you travel.

If you’re traveling from one of the airports that’s participating in this program, it could be a good alternative to Global Entry or NEXUS.

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