What it’s really like to live in

Windsor Terrace &

Kensington, Brooklyn

New York, USA

Family friendly neighborhoods in the city

These two neighborhoods are both literally and metaphorically half way between Park Slope and Ditmas Park. It feels less like the big city than Park Slope’s brownstones, but less suburban than Ditmas Park’s planned communities. These twin neighborhoods are quiet and tight-knit, with the rest of Brooklyn within an easy reach.

Kensington & Windsor Terrace in brief

Windsor Terrace and Kensington used to feel sleepier, but now that Park Slope and Ditmas Park are both livelier neibhorhoods, there’s a lot more to do within walking distance.

  • Things to do
  • Affordability
  • Transit
  • Walkability


The ‘main street’ of these two neighborhoods more or less follows the path of the F/G, starting at 15th Street along Prospect Park West, turning down Prospect Ave and then Fort Hamilton Parkway, until it reaches Greenwood Cemetery.

There’s also a strip along Church Ave and random cafes and shops throughout the area.

Things to do

The main draw of the neighborhoods are Prospect Park and Greenwood Cemetery. Also, the ability to have enough space to have kids without leaving Brooklyn.

There are plenty of things to do without getting on the subway, though. Bars like The Double Windsor, and The Adirondack are cozy local spots that host regular events. Or, if you want a real local feel, there’s always Shenanigans.


Affordability all depends on what you’re comparing it to. People who can afford a basement studio in downtown Manhattan or a 1-bedroom in Bushwick can get a 3-bedroom or a townhouse in Kensington.


Kensington and Windsor Terrace are both generally very safe neighborhoods. If anything, because the areas are so quiet, the streets can feel a little empty at night.


The F/G is the spine of these two neighborhoods. These provide easy access to downtown Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg and Long Island City. They aren’t the fastest trains, but you get a nice view from the viaduct.

There is also frequent bus service along several lines, although bunching means a bus that’s scheduled every five minutes is actually five busses every 25 minutes.

The Prospect Expressway and Ocean Parkway cut the neighborhoods in two, giving cars easy access to the Belt Parkway. Crossing Ocean Parkway can be treacherous, despite recent efforts to improve the timing of the lights.


Both neighborhoods are a mix of pre-war apartment buildings, townhouses, and single family homes. Many people own their homes, there are lots of families, and people tend to stay in the neighborhood for the long-term.

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